The Stool (onetimeblind)

Sometimes, we tend to do things 'our way',
and neglect the will of God.

Let's obey God by following what He wants for us.

"Stop living for yourself, and start living for Him."
-Galatians 2:20

"Since the fall of man, weve been in a power struggle with God over control. We surrender to God's will, but when His reality interferes with our daily lives, we jump right back in the drivers seat. This short video will spark discussion over how committed we are to following God's direction in our lives."
- onetimeblind

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"Ang pinakamalaking problema ng Pilipinas,
ay hindi kahirapan o katiwalian o kawala ng kapayapaan,
kundi ang pagwawalang-bahala ng ating mamamayan,
simulan mo ang pagkilos tungo sa muling pagbangon ng Pilipinas,
maliit man o malaki,
ikaw mismo ang magsasabi kung ano ang gagawin mo."



Tayong mga Plilipino ay laging humihiling ng pagbabago,
ngunit lagi nating sinisisi ang kapalpakang ito sa iba,
o kaya nama'y pinagwawalang-bahala natin 'to.
Tayo mismo ay maaaring magsimula ng pagbabago.
Ikaw? Anong magagawa mo para sa bayan mo?

More Coke (onetimeblind)

In life, we always complain for what God has given to us,
we do compare what we have with what others have,
we always ask for what we want,
and not for what God really wants for us,

we can never be happy if we keep on doing that,
be thankful for these blessings,
whether big or small,
be grateful that you're privileged to have these.

"What's more important to you - the gift? Or the giver?"
- onetimeblind

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Red Balloon (onetimeblind)

This video shows that truth is absolute,
we tend to see and to believe things
on what we're accustomed to,
such a nice illustration,

leave your comments,
thanks... God bless :)

"Today there are so many opinions about what is truth and what isn't,
it's almost ridiculous!"
- onetimeblind

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"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
- Philippians 14:3